How to use pacifier correctly?

Which babies need pacifiers?
Pacifiers are not necessary for every baby, some still need to use pacifiers to make the transition.
1. A baby sleeping with a bottle
Some babies like to sleep with a bottle because sucking a bottle can pacify them and make them quiet. However, this is not a good habit. When the baby falls asleep, the milk stays in the mouth and combines with the bacteria, which is easy to cause caries. So, in order to get rid of this bad habit, you can first use the pacifier to improve it.
2. A baby whose sucking sensation is not fully satisfied
If the sucking feeling is not fully satisfied, the baby may suck his own fingers, which is particularly easy to cause skin damage, finger deformation, and also very unsightly. A little larger if there is such a habit, it may affect the development of the gums. These babies also need to use pacifiers to improve.
3. A premature baby with low weight
For low weight premature babies, sucking and swallowing ability are relatively weak. Using pacifiers can help improve their oral and gastrointestinal peristalsis functions.
How to use a pacifier correctly?
1. Don't use it for perfunctory reasons
Parents don't like to be disturbed by their children when they are busy, but they should never perfunctory their children and use pacifiers at will.
2. Choose a style for your baby
Not all pacifiers are suitable for your baby. It's best to let the baby try it out when shopping. Choose a pacifier that the baby likes and uses comfortably.
3. Clean before and after use
To ensure the health of pacifiers, they must be fully cleaned before and after use and stored in a clean place.
4. Take off the pacifier in time when sleeping
The pacifier will bring adverse effects on the baby's tooth development and breathing, so it must be removed after the baby is asleep.
5. Do not wrap the strap around the baby's neck
Some parents are afraid that the baby will throw the pacifier at will and like to install the fixed belt on the pacifier. At this time, remember not to surround the fixed belt around the baby's neck, so as to avoid the risk of suffocation.
6. Do not use for a long time
Long term use of a pacifier is easy to cause tooth deformation. So, before the baby is 2 years old, make sure they quit.

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