Mamimami Home Brand Introduction

 We welcome you to our mamimamihome with a grateful heart!

Mamimami Home, a world-renowned silicone dental gel brand, aims to accompany the growth of babies, helping new mothers to relieve the trouble of crying babies, and allowing children to get good stimulation and normal growth of their senses,pay attention to their oral health and provide personalized customization. Focusing on the silicone tooth glue industry for more than ten years, has a mature product development and design team, leading the latest style of the market.Mamimami Home is sold in nearly 100 countries and territories around the world and is increasingly recognized by mothers around the world.There are also many businesses that want to represent our brand and sell our products in children's dental hospitals and children's boutique stores around the world.    

   We are committed to helping moms and mothers-to-be find their voice and feel supported and confident in all their choices, because we know that there is no one way to be a mom.

    We know that only through hard work and the highest standards can we become an outstanding mother and baby product company built on credibility, responsibility and the highest quality.

      So whatever you're looking for, we're ready.If not, please contact us and let us know so that we can negotiate or offer you the best deal immediately.We are and will be here to serve you all our lives.

   Whatever you need, you can find it at

  Welcome to mamimamihome,Being a mother is your way!


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