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Crochet Animal Rattle 4 Pcs

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Baby Rattle Set
🐰Material: Food grade non toxic Wood
🐰Age Range: 0-12 Months, 13-24 Months
🦊Features: Music, Security
🦊Gender: Unisex
🦁Product Dimensions:5.12 x 5.12 x 5.12 inches
🦁Certification: CE, EPA, UL

🐰Different shades of color can effectively improve the baby's color recognition ability. The built-in rattle can ring a soft bell when the baby is swinging, which improves the baby's hearing ability.

🦁This original gift set is made of wood with a gentle texture and cute form of wooden toys. This is a safe and safe wooden toy set that is handmade by craftsmen using natural wood. The wooden toys in the baby set have a gentle design that allows the baby to lick and grasp it immediately. Unpainted and warm to the touch and heals even adults.

🥰The exceptional shape of the rattle attracts baby's attention. Stimulates tactile sensation and develops children's sensory skills from the beginning! Stimulates your eyes, hearing, and hands at the same time to develop curiosity, exploration and thinking. Use natural materials to learn while playing.

🎁These wooden rattles are perfect for indoor toys and baby nursery teaching tools, and their texture provides tactile stimulation. Great gift for kindergarten entrance celebrations, Christmas gifts, half birthdays, and baby showers.