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Moon and Star Rocking Stacker

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Material: Food grade non toxic wood material
🌙 Age Range: 6 months and up
🌞Features: Montessori games toy, Shapes recognition, Smooth edge
Gender: Unisex
🌙 Product Dimensions:8.11 x 4.06 x 1.77 inches
🌞Certification: CE, EPA, UL

❤️Stacking toys use food-grade material, After repeated polishing, the surface is smooth, free of burrs, not easy to deform, no irritating smell, and will not scratch the baby's skin.

🏠This Montessori stacking toy is very suitable to provide an early start for your child's development. It is also a parent-child hub, which helps to establish close interaction and communication with your child and promote parent-child relationship.

🙌Babies focus on stacking building blocks, keep exploring, and perceive balance, which can well stimulate children's concentration, hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, and improve hand and fine motor skills.

When babies play with building block balance toys in the early days, they can choose to stack them on a flat table or on the ground; after mastering the basic stacking methods, they can play an advanced version of the game, stacking on the moon base, This is more difficult, come on.

🎁This magical Montessori toddler toy, you can play when you are bored. The baby concentrates on stacking these cute building blocks, which is not easy to get bored. Slowly, the baby's childhood cannot be separated from the building block balance toy. It is the best gift for girls and boys.